About Us

SSD DESIGN STUDIO is a design studio dedicated to crafting modern and functional interior spaces. The firm specializes in residential and commercial interiors led by designer Sunny Kashyap, located today in Delhi.

Sunny is known for a smooth and professional approach to design where he instills a safe space for open dialogue and maintains proper communication with his clients so they feel comfortable with every stage of the process. “Without active listening skills and taking the time to address concerns when they arise, projects can veer off the tracks rather quickly. I have learned that my most successful projects have always been the ones where the clients and I stayed on the same page together, every step of the way.”

Sunny has an expansive portfolio including residential and commercial design projects completed across the Agra, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Connaught Place etc. to name a few regions.

Today, he primarily focuses on transforming both living and commercial spaces surrounding the greater Delhi region

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